Ways of surviving a car blaze on Indian roads

On Indian roads, it is very hard to say which area is safer to drive and which is not. This applies to almost the entire country. In such case, one need to be prepared for situations like accident, blaze, car breakdown etc. Now, at times where car breaks down, it is easier to get away with the situation, but what if the blazing happens in the car while you’re driving or are inside the car with your seatbelts on? How do we deal with such situation without getting panicked? Cars like Toyota Innova and comes equipped with special safety features.

1381480430Toyota Innova

Incidences of car blazing on Indian roads has been increasing with time. This could be due to many reasons like faults in the manufacturing of the product, defective and unnoticed car parts, increasing outside temperature, style of driving etc. Today when the temperature in Delhi broke all records of past 62 years and reaching to as high as 47.8 degrees and in many parts of India the average temperature crossing a mark of 45 degrees, it is hard to prevent your car from blazing.

God forbid, in case if you experience a fire in your car while you are sitting inside, it is advised not to panic but calmly follow 5 simple steps:

  • Stop the car immediately and get out of the car (don’t forgot to un-buckle the seat belt before trying to open the door).
  • Just get out of car and don’t bother to take your belongings along. It may turn into flames any second.
  • Keep some precautionary equipments in your car 24X7. The equipments like fire extinguisher, a small hammer, some safety nets, small tools like spanner or wheel nut brace that can be helpful in smashing the car window in case of fire.
  • It is always necessary to have a presence of mind during such situations. If the fire is at the front end of the car, try to break the glass of rear gate window and come out and vice versa.
  • In case nothing is working out, try to seek for help from someone even if it is a minor fire.

Government should also take some proper actions by forcing the car manufacturing companies to check each and every car and rectify the troubling parts if any. You never know, who is using the car with faulty parts and gets trapped by it. Also, state government can also play an extensive role by getting the destructive and damaged roads repaired quickly and in a nice manner. There have been some companies who already started to call their sold cars back for a check-up like Honda Civic, Toyota Fortuner, Maruti etc.

You would never want that when you leave your office for home, you reach there in an injured form. So, in order to reach your destination safely it is highly advised to read the above mentioned steps carefully and explain the same to your loved ones. Remember, when you are safe, you can keep everyone else safe and healthy.

Best Indian Destination Wedding Photographer

Indian Destination Wedding Photographer

Your destination wedding is an event you’ve thought and dreamt about for years, From fairytale castle in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer in India to sun-swept beaches in Krabi, Bali,Goa, Kerala whatever destination you choose one of the biggest question bride and groom face who would be the best wedding photographer in bali to capture their beautiful day just the way they have imagined You probably already planned it years before you plan to get married. Most couple’s these days plan their big day to make it the most memorable day of their life. Destination weddings are a great way to make your Big-Day stand out. . Here are some of the tips to help you choose the Best Destination Wedding Photographer for you wedding.

Pre-Wedding shoot

Start Scouting

Visit some of the wedding blogs and go through the portfolios of photographers you like. Note down the photographers you like and compile a list. Once you’ve compiled a list of photographers visit their website and see more of their work.

Wedding Photographer in India

Contact Them

Once you’ve made a list of potential wedding photographer, Send them an email or contact them by calling them. Talk to them about your vision and ideas also check their availability for your wedding dates and meet them in person.

Confirm Photographer

After you met and finalized your destination wedding photographer, make sure you book them well in advance so that they are available for wedding dates. This usually involves making advance payments which depends on photographer to photographer. Also, make sure you sign a contract and have everything documented.


One of the best ways to find a wedding photographer in India is to talk to your friends who recently got married, they would be able to save your time on research and would be able to give you reference of good wedding photographers. You can also consult other professional vendors such as florist, decorator etc and ask them for references. Once you find your photographer, sit with them, go through their work, Only go ahead with them if you click with them because they’re going to be the only source of memory for the biggest day of your life.

Wedding Photographer

Few destination wedding photographer we can suggest are :-

  • Rishabh Sood  – We absolutely love the emotions captured by him, Love his pre-wedding shoots.
  • Juliana wiklund  – Love her compositions, she’s traveled across the world for wedding assignments.
  • Saneesh  – Shot a pre-wedding in Leh, He is based out of Bangalore and good at his work.


It is really important that you plan and give your photographer plenty of time to shoot with you and create some beautiful pictures. Try to find a photographer whom you can relate to and make a good friend, so that you can trust him even if it anything goes wrong, He’d know how to tackle it.  We wish you all the best for you big day and we hope you find the best photographer for your wedding.

Cut the Rope 2 Review – More Fun More Addiction

Cut the rope for iOS and Android has been rated one of the most addictive game. The cute creature Om Nom is back again with Cut the Rope 2. Currently the game comes pre-loaded with 120 levels and we’re sure the developers will constantly keep updating the game as it goes further.

Cut The Rope 2














As usual, delivering Candy to the creature(Om Nom) is the goal here as well, clearing the level with 3 Gold Stars. The new version comes with lots of changes, for example one of the challenges comes with no rope at all and you have to still clear the level.

Cut the Rope 2 is everything you’d expect from a sequel. It maintains the integrity of the series, not going too far from the level of puzzles and graphics and comes packed with same dose of addiction.

This time the Game focus a little more on the story, cruel spider steals Om Nom’s candy and he has to get it back from them. Few new Characters are also introduced to make the the game more fun and add to the story. Just like the previous version, Cut the Rope 2 also starts with very easy levels so that beginners can get a hang of it. You can watch the interesting Trailer of the game below.

In case you’ve missed it, you can download the game on iOS through iTunes. In case you’re someone like me who likes to play games on a bigger screen you can follow this guide and play Cut the Rope on PC

Have Fun, Keep the Addiction Alive. Spread the word!

Top 10 cars in India 2014

With new cars adding now and then, it has become a havoc of new cars on roads these days. With such a scenario it becomes difficult to analyze which car is a good buy? Our top 10 cars recommendations surely will help you come out of that doubt scenario to choose the best one for you.

  1. 1380882620tata-nanoTata Nano: Known as the People’s car, Nano is the cheapest car in India. With its simple interior and exteriors, it is a small and a compact car made for the Indian market. For people who could never think of buying a car, Tata has made it affordable to the segment of people who are very price conscious and looking for a cheap car priced at Rs.1,944,09 (ex.showroom, Delhi) that gives the comfort of a decent looking car, Tata Nano is the best option for them.


  1. Maruti Alto (800): A reliable company indeed, Maruti Suzuki is one of the leaders in car manufacture in India. 1378722505Maruti-Suzuki-Alto-800Maruti Alto (800) is a reliable, compact small car, designed for the people looking for a cheap yet value for money. Priced at Rs.2, 496,38 (ex.showroom, Delhi) Alto 800 is one such car with its good features and an appealing interior and exterior, makes it a better choice than Tata Nano.


  1. Datsun Go: A spacious car indeed, Datsun Go is pretty large a car than Maruti Alto 800 and Hyundai i10. 1392629403Datsun-Go-front-three-quarterWith enough space inside, ample power in the engine and a good ride, the car has impressed many with its price too. Priced at Rs. 3, 122,70 (ex.showroom, Delhi), It is definitely a value for money. It is definitely a good buy for people looking for a small compact car with enough boot space, a good ride even at high speed and a reasonable buying too.


  1. Maruti Celerio: The first AMT car of it, Maruti Celerio is a tall hatchback car with maximum head and legroom space. 1393310504celerioIMG_9719With updates Suzuki grille and wrap around headlights, the exteriors are even more impressive. A simple compact car is definitely a good buy for people looking for an automatic system. A fuel-efficient car with great mileage and features, priced at Rs.3, 900,00 (ex.showroom, Delhi), Maruti Celerio is a one-time investment for a carefree experience of driving.


  1. Honda Brio: An absolute comfortable and a compact car, Honda Brio is a car in its upper segment hatchback band.1368603156honda-brio A little expensive in this segment, the car with its spacious feature is good for people who are simply Honda lovers. It is priced at Rs.4, 185,50 (ex.showroom, Delhi).


  1. Honda Amaze: A reliable car from a reliable brand, Amaze is the first diesel Honda car.1372940622Picture 14 As the petrol engines of Honda led to the increase in sales number, Honda planned to enter the diesel engine segment too. It is definitely a value for money car with its amazing boot space and a compact car features it to fit anywhere in the traffic. It is priced at Rs.5, 205,00 (ex.showroom, Delhi) rivals against Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Hyundai Accent, Honda Amaze definitely gets a upper lift.


  1. Ford EcoSport: Ford EcoSport is the most compact SUV of  this time. 1372230700Picture 7Price of Ford Ecosport is Rs.6, 149,93 (ex.showroom, Delhi), than other SUV’s like Renault Duster, is quite a hoot to drive and with its sportier look and an Eco boost engine which is quite responsive and tractable, its sure is a great performing car in its segment especially for the SUV lovers.


  1. Honda City: The new fourth generation Honda City, a winner in its segment again, is a mid- size car, which has pleased the masses. 1397630145Picture 3It is one of the best petrol cars in this segment and beats the competition with its rivals like Maruti Suzuki Verna, which is expensive than Honda City. Price of Honda City is Rs.7, 420,00 (ex.showroom, Delhi) with its appealing looks and features has created another benchmark as a consumer oriented car.


  1. Renault Duster: Renault Duster has just got it right. Priced at Rs.7, 990,00 (ex.showroom, Delhi), it has not only appealed to large SUV buyers, but also to C-segment saloon buyers. 1379500731renault-duster16An expensive but a good SUV option for people who love long drives and is fond of high driving. With spacious cabin, functional dashboards and the overall refinement has made car a better choice of SUV than other competitors.





  1. Mahindra Scorpio: Mahindra Scorpio is the best selling car for Mahindra. It is known to be a family car with its reasonably good cabin space. It is priced at Rs. 9,81,000 (ex.showroom, Delhi). The Car has great power in its engine. Its light steering wheel is good for city traffic driving. A overall good buy in its segment.


Hope this blog has helped you shortlist your requirements to choose the best car in the market, If you’re looking for discounts on cars in india, CarSizzler is one the online portal who can help you off the shelf discounts. Do write to us which car finally made it as the new member of your family.



Khushboo Goel






Tips to wear Sheer fabric outfits

Sheer clothing is on the runway these days. Every outfit requires a kind of styling to make it look appealing yet decent. ‘Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing’ as said by the president of the Accessory council. One should know how to wear a style with the right balance as a whole.

Retailers like Zara have managed to make good use of the sheer fabric with sleeves of sheer on a sweater or using a black sheer panel fabric as a back of the tunic.

One golden rule for the see- through look is to ‘save it for the evening or weekends’. Few tips below will be of a great help for those who want to follow the latest trend but are doubtful as to how to wear it?

Pretty girls out there. Don’t worry; a little tip can make all the difference when you without a doubt will look a glam girl additionally you can go easy on your pocket and still look great using jabong discount coupon listed on Etc Coupon.


Sheer TopSheer Tops can be paired with a non- sheer layer underneath. You can also pair it with a contrasting color beneath like neon colors spaghettis are in fashion these days. Pretty camisoles or a fitted tank top underneath is also an option.Try nude colors inside only when you want to keep a pure illusion of sheer look.

Sheer Dress Sheer Dresses, as long as the complete dress is of sheer material, one can pair it with a tighter layer underneath. Dresses with its back of sheer material is in fashion these days. It makes the whole look decent and stylish too. One can flaunt their back without being too bold.

With Sheer Skirts, one should find a right pair of leggings. Sheer SkirtA pair of opaque leggings under a skirt is definitely a pretty look choice. Go around shopping for bold colors for leggings to match with a short or a mini skirt this spring season.
Sheer Tunicssheer Tunic can be best paired with slim jeans.
Today, fashion is all about neon and pastel color pants. Sheer tunics can also be paired with such neon pastel colored pants giving it a fresh and a spring look.


Accessorise it with a statement necklace or neon coloured earrings.

Statement necklacePairing your sheer dress with an attractive ring is also a right choice. Accessories have the power to make any outfit stand out. Keep a balance between the outfit and the accessories. Never over do it, else might make it look shabby or too much of it.

Tips are definitely of great help. Hope this blog helps you choose a sheer dress today! Go shopping and find the right choice for you today! Share your thoughts if our tips did help you in a way.


Khushboo Goel

Guide to Spring 2014’s Hair trends!

As the season gets warmer again,the humidity is increasing too, with no time in the busy schedule to take extra care of your Hair; it’s time for a season makeover! With some help from our guidance, you can surely choose your hairstyle from the Spring/Summer 2014’s biggest hair trends that makes you feel fresh without spending hours of time in front of the mirror each morning. More hairstyles are evolved with side parts, soft waves- as – always leading to a carefree summer days.
Going under the scissors this spring will worth the risk!

Milkmaid HairstyleEver-Evolving Hair trend- Milkmaid braids: Whether an attraction or an attention, Crown Braid is known to make an outfit stand out. The braid encircling the head can ooze the innocence out of you. If you have the hair length to pull it off, then it will be an inspiring trend for others to follow too. What are you thinking? Just surf the tutorial and create different variants to attract others.



Cute-long-side-part-hairstyle-for-womenSide part hairstyles: Wear them now: Centre or side, deep or shallow, clean or messy, a partition can make a complete difference to your looks. Most women part their hair to suit the way it naturally falls or compliments the hairstyle. In a world where ‘whatever works best’ funda works, it isn’t good enough. Appreciate the fashion trend, accept it, and personalize it to your individual style rather following it blindly. Whether center part or side one, whether parting it up or down, makes fashion the extension for your own.



Bob HairstyleBob Hairstyle is in for 2014: What length of short hair are you willing to wear? As high as the ears or low as the shoulders? Bob hairstyle is in fashion to beat the heat this spring summer 2014.uYou need a change, then definitely nothing better than chopping your hair off to the length required. It maintains the balance with the trend with fringes or bangs too.


The Low Ponytail, a style statement for 2014:

The ponytail is neverLowPony out of fashion but in 2014, the look is all about the low ponytail with few styling’s looks most fashionable. It is a comfortable hairstyle to lead a carefree life from day to the evening. Master the art of different styles to its appeal and wear it to flaunt around!




Soft Wavy hairstylePerfect for every season, Soft wavy Hair: The hair trend you can look great in every day, flowing hair with soft waves are in trend 2014. Its all about effortless yet falling in place of a perfect hair trend, soft waves are an all time favorite attraction for women these days with short or long hair, worn side or center part, is definitely an attraction to the eyes.





Hope this can help you choose the new makeover trend this season. Want to follow the fashion trend? We will update you with more and more again!


Khushboo Goel